Your Baby...

Natural | Peaceful | Fleeting.

When our daughter was born we realized that the photos of those fleeting everyday moments were what made us smile the most.

Our Vision...

Your baby's discovery of themselves and the world around is what tells their story.... from the peacefulness of a nap to the wildness of a bath. These are the natural moments we will capture for you.

SNH Hospital Photos...

Click herefor details text us at603.886.7071.

Catered to you...

Simple and easy for you and your baby.

• In-House (or Hospital) Service - We travel to you, so there’s no need to pack up.

• Perfect Nap Timing – We arrive after a nap, to maximize the awake time.

• Limited Flash - Natural lighting allows true-eye color and is gentler on your baby’s eyes.

• Wrinkle Technology – Just kidding…. most babies already come with cute wrinkles.

• Personal Experience – Having two children of our own provides us with some wonderful insight to your day to day world.

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